4 Travel and Tourism Business Ideas To Run This Year

travel and tourism business ideas souvenir shop

Travel and tourism industry is not all about tourists, but also about all those who travel from one country to another, or from one city to another for various purposes. If you are looking to start a business in this industry, you have to expand your horizon to get what traveler needs.

We have some ideas for you that might inspire you to run in travel and tourism industry.

Souvenir shop

This business idea is good for you who live in tourism city. Loads of visitors would prefer to buy unique gifts, local crafts, or native wears. You have to ensure that your souvenir shop is stocked with local crafts, well located and looks attractive.

Vehicle rental business

travel and tourism business ideas vehicle rental business

There are several stuffs that tourists could rent when they visit tourist sites. It could be a scooter, car, bus, speedboat, and etc. You have to know what tourists may likely need in the tourist town that they aren’t able to bring along when they are visiting.

Self-service laundry business

This business doesn’t need labor because customers provide their own labor and still pay for making use of the laundry equipment available. Even it is a competitive industry, but if you open this self-service laundry near backpacker hostel or campervan ground, you can get your own market.

Photography business

One of the business ideas that are suitable for a tourist city is the photography business. You can hire freelance photographers who can make beautiful pictures while guiding the tourists about photogenic places. The opportunity of this business is you can partner with a travels and tours company to become one of their official photographer.

Are you ready to run one of those businesses? To gain your confidence, you can get bachelor degree in UK by taking classes at the Best Management University in Singapore. You can have plenty business experiences before you start your own travel and tourism business.


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